Vik Sahay’s back to NCIS !

11/19 UPDATES :

According to Ausiello, Vik’s episode will air on December, 16. « In the wake of a city-wide Internet blackout the week before Christmas, the NCIS team pulls the trio (Kevin Hussein played by Ethan Rains, Heidi Partridge played by Erin Allin O’Reilly and Ajay Khan played by Vik Sahay) out of prison to help with the case. »

And here is a first look :


Is Ajay Khan, cyber-terrorist #2, back to « help » NCIS ? It would seem so !

Vik tweeted yesterday a pic of an NCIS script with 2 simple words… « a return… » !

Vik previously appeared as Ajay Khan in the fourteenth episode of the tenth season of the N° 1 TV show. His character was captured by the team. In order to make him talk, NCIS tricked the hacker into thinking they were in Guantanamo Bay when they in fact had never left the United States.

Here is the promo and sneak peek of « Canary » episode :

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