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Since we last spoke with Vik Sahay in April 2011, NBC’s “Chuck” ended its 5 season run, he co-starred opposite Seann William Scott in Universal’s “American Reunion,” and wrapped a lead role on William Brent Bell’s new film WER, slated for theatrical release in 2013. He also shot the comedy, “My Awkward Sexual Adventure,” in between his final scenes on “Chuck.”

The film co-starring Jonas Chernick and Emily Hampshire premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) marking the 3rd time Vik is in a film premiering at TIFF. It follows an uptight accountant, Jordan Abrams, who proposes marriage to his life-long soul mate, Rachel. She finally reveals the painful truth: he’s terrible in bed. Frustrated and deeply unsatisfied, Rachel dumps him, and Jordan embarks on a desperate mission to seek some much-needed sexual experience and acquire some basic requisite skills. Vik plays Dandak Sajal.

We would like to again thank Vik Sahay and all who made our interview possible.


Before the Trailer (BTT): So the last time you spoke with Before The Trailer, it was April 2011 and unknown if “Chuck” would return. How was it filming the fifth season knowing it would be the last?

Vik Sahay (VS): Well, you know, the word bittersweet is so over used now to describe it but it’s accurate. It was both incredibly tough, incredibly heartbreaking, but in a way for me, very right. I think that it ended well, really well, and having the opportunity to write an ending gave the writers an incredible gift. I think that instead of having the carpet pulled out from under us in the middle of a story, the characters ended incredibly perfectly.

Before the Trailer (BTT): The fans actively got involved with “Chuck” to save it from cancelation. Most often, these campaigns fail. What was it that kept the show going?

Vik Sahay (VS): The fans became the heart and soul and the spine and the blood of the show. I think that we probably would have been done a lot earlier. The show obviously struck a chord in the nerd in all of us and meant something. Subway was around and we in return put them into a storyline here and there. That idea, I believe, came from a fan who decided to suddenly buy subway because they were one of the sponsors and it’s an ingenuous idea. It almost makes me feel maybe that’s how the future of television will work; it’s all sponsored so Subway presents “Chuck” with product placement. It was a brilliant idea.

Before the Trailer (BTT): Cancelled shows such as “Arrested Development” on Netflix and franchises such as “Dallas” on TNT are making a comeback. Any possibly of “Chuck” reappearing in any type of form sometime in the future?

Vik Sahay (VS): I don’t know, everybody’s game, everybody’s into it. We loved doing the show so we wouldn’t have any kind of hold out situation of people not wanting to do it. It’s the matter of getting the demand and opportunity.

Before the Trailer (BTT): Let’s talk “My Awkward Sexual Adventure.” The role was written specifically for you. How does this feel for you as an actor?

Vik Sahay (VS): To get a role written for you, it’s both incredibly flattering and terrifying, I think. I worry sometimes that it means that they are writing something that I am onto the page or in this case, no, Jonas Chernick, a friend of mine who wrote it for me, would say we are best friends and improvise. Don’t worry about it. We’ll do what we want to do. When I got the script, it was brilliant and so well written. It was a huge relief in that way.

Before the Trailer (BTT): What was it like on the set? Does any particular laugh out loud moment stick out at you?

Vik Sahay (VS): A hundred memorable moments. It’s a film about many things but one of the elements, sexuality, has the potential to be very difficult and very kind of awkward, to borrow from the title. There was a lot of levity, a lot of laughter.

Before the Trailer (BTT): It premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and it was your third at the film festival. What was the premiere like?  

Vik Sahay (VS): The premier was electric man. It was really something special. Mostly because even though I had been there twice before for projects that I really believed in, this one had a kind of extra special place in my heart because it was a very good friend of mine who wrote it and produced it. It was incredibly wild to watch the project we did together be a part of something huge.

Before the Trailer (BTT): You just wrapped a lead role on “WER.” What can you tell us about the project and your character Eric?

Vik Sahay (VS): I am a little muzzled to talk about it yet. It’s a very different tone then “My Awkward Sexual Adventure” and “American Reunion.” It’s kind of a darker more dramatic film, a bit of a horror thriller and we shot it in Romania.

Before the Trailer (BTT): Let’s talk “American Reunion.” What was it like on the set? Any particular laugh out loud moment stick out at you with Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge, and Seann William Scott on set?

Vik Sahay (VS): It was intimidating and surreal at first. I was nervous. They are such iconic characters; they have all worked together so so long. I got worried what would it be like for a new person to come into it. They were so warm and welcoming. It was amazingly accommodating. I would be rehearsing a scene with Seann Williams and I was like oh my god am I going to get a word in edgewise?

Before the Trailer (BTT): What projects do you have in the works? We spoke with Ken Davitian earlier and he said you guys are collaborating on a project together.

Vik Sahay (VS): Yeah, there are a few things I have that are sticks in the fire right now. I don’t want to speak specifics because I am very superstitious but very soon something could or will be revealed. “My Awkward Sexual Adventure” should be released certainly in Canada in December or January and maybe in the US at the same time. “Wer” I think will come out in March or April 2013. Please go see them. They are very exciting films.

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