Brian Dunkleman Mockumentary and an X-Files appearance

Vik Sahay is back on TV ! 2 big news have been announced these last days for him :

  • The first project is a Brian Dunkleman Mockumentary for E!, titled Quest For Truth: Dunkleman. Former Psych star James Roday will co-write it with Ben McMillan, and Roday will direct and executive produce the show with Siren Create. Vik will play along side Ethan Sandler as Jergens, Julianna Guill as Sandy and Jack Sweeney as Toby.

This team is on a #quest4truth…..

Une photo publiée par @jamesroday le

    •  The second project is also a quest for truth because… the truth is out there… ! Yeah, you got it, Vik is going to guest in an upcoming episode of The X-Files revival set to premiere Jan. 24 on Fox. According to THR, he will play a man Mulder (David Duchovny) turns to for information during an investigation.

   Vik says that he’s quite excited to drop into that world and go head-to-head with David duchovny, and to battle it out with James roday, a fellow theatre type !

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